Welcome To PMR Online Teaching Sessions

Thank you for connecting to Pastor Mark Roberson’s Online Teaching Sessions. I believe by the Spirit of God that through these Online Teaching Sessions, that I am to be a divine catalyst to cause you to strengthen your heart to release the power for promotion, progress, provision & prosperity for the coming days! I believe that I am called to help people to become rooted, grounded, & established in the faith of God and in the Word of God. Through these Online Teaching Sessions, I am praying for you to become rooted in spiritual principles, in order to become a solid mature believer in the nitty gritty of life and win.

Online Teaching


These Online Teaching Sessions are designed to train, build, and develop men & women to conquer everyday life challenges. You will encounter a learning experience that will change your life forever! One Word From God And You Will Never Be The Same Again!


Each lesson is designed to you to complete it at your own pace. As I always say, “Some things are taught, but most things are caught!” I rather you pace yourself through the lesson, so you may catch what the Holy Spirit is doing in your heart and life, so transformation can take place.