“Please consider this a testimonial on behalf of Pastor Mark Roberson and his character, leadership, and teaching style.  I first met Pastor Mark nearly 18 years ago when I enrolled in his Ministry Training Class that he was holding for individuals that were inspiring to be ministers or had an interest in learning more about ministry.  Over these years, Pastor Mark has had a personal, hands-on, “all in” approach to his teaching style and mentorship in my life.  He truly is someone that desires to see individuals set free from what’s holding them back and then grow and develop into who they’ve been created to be.  Pastor Mark has an amazing desire and ability to ‘get in the trenches’ with people, hold their hand, encourage and lead them out of the challenges they are facing.  His motto is, “we’re in this thing together” and he truly means it.  He has walked side-by-side with our family throughout life’s challenges offering wisdom, truth, support, accountability, and encouragement, which spurred our growth and development personally, ministerially, and professionally.”

He challenges me as a man, a husband, a father, and as a minister to ensure I don’t settle for where I’ve grown to but rather to keep pressing and reaching to where God would have me to be.  

Over these years, I have developed into a minister with an International Ministry that impacts people in the US, Canada, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and Asia.  My family is happy and thriving.  Professionally, I’ve been promoted multiple times throughout my career with the latest being a VP of Sales role in Higher Education Marketing.  I can honestly say that other than the Lord, Pastor Mark Roberson has had THE biggest role in my development and that has led to many achievements I’ve enjoyed.

People like Pastor Mark are rare.  He truly loves people and has invested his life in others with the hopes of making a difference for them, their families, and the world they live in – I and my family are one.  He is genuine, wise, integral, and the kind of leader that celebrates when others win.  I’ve adopted one of his phrases for my ministry, “Your victory is my greatest joy” because, to Pastor Mark, it’s more than a phrase – it’s his reality.  

– Elder Jason DePoy

“Pastor Mark (Roberson) is a “teacher’s teacher”. By that I mean, he delivers the message and teachings in a way that equips and emboldens the hearer to go forth and share the good news in their circles of influence.

The impact his teachings has on my life, has strengthened me and helped me to see God as a Father, Who wants the absolute best for His children as opposed a punitive deity that works by punishment. By dispelling myths and demystifying the blessing, power and wonders of God, I know with certainty that I have access to Him by way of His Son, our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

As a child, and young adult, the foundation of Christianity had been laid, Pastor Mark’s ministry is providing the materials, tools, knowledge, and wisdom for the building (faith, hope, trust, belief, peace, restoration, and salvation) to be constructed.”

– Adriane Williams