“You never lose doing it God’s way.” This quote from Pastor Mark reveals his commitment to the absolute truths in God’s Word, which have catapulted and equipped my wife and I to stand on the principles of God’s Word and win in life at a whole new level. “You must invest in yourself to express yourself” is another powerful nugget from Pastor Mark Roberson. Having committed to this investment has paid great dividends in our personal lives, as business owners, in our relationships, in our financial affairs and in our marriage. Having regular Bible studies with Pastor Mark, has been an oasis of refreshment, strengthening and yes, adjustments made as a result of the revelations and practical application imparted from God’s Word, that has served to bless us and bring timely direction to us, time and time again. There have been many sessions, where we have received answers and direction, for difficult situations, as Pastor Mark has yielded himself to be used by God to help people. Helping and serving people is at the heart of all that Pastor Mark’s ministry represents. We love the practical, real life application of God’s Word for all aspects of living. After tuning in with Pastor Mark for only a few minutes, we find ourselves often reaching for pen and paper, or hitting record in our smartphones, so we can review and take time to ponder, absorb and apply the truths being imparted. Pastor Mark’s teaching has helped my wife and I to move out of the realm of our senses, where we operated by reacting to situations, to the realm of operating with predetermined responses. This has brought a greater sense of confidence and peace in our personal and corporate business lives. Tuning into Pastor Mark is crucial to the one who is hungry to win in life doing it God’s way. 

Herb & Stephanie Klassen


Let me tell you how my life has changed tremendously from the teaching ministry and training received from Pastor Mark Roberson. I used to be a stressed out, anxious person who needed to feel in control of everything in my life, in order for me to feel like there was order in what I perceived to be a chaotic life and world.  Pastor Mark helped me change my perspective and taught me how to live the right way without the stress, without the control and without the anxiety.  His teaching and training has taught me how to renew my mind and train my perspective,   so that I can see myself,  my life and any situation I face,  the way God sees it and allow myself to rest in Him and not in my own ability. It has freed me so much personally, that even when I am in the midst of chaos, I have peace. When something unexpected happens, I can move with an ease and confidence that is not based in self, but in a knowing that everything will work out in my favor even if I don’t know how.  All of this and I am still learning and being trained. My life is forever the better because I am blessed with the opportunity to be taught and trained by this Man of God.”

LaTriece Roberson